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stumbled upon. marc by marc jacobs.

leaving work early can be both a gift and curse. my boss decided everyone had worked hard all week so we could sneak out. i was excited of course as it was a friday, which meant an early start on weekend shenanigans that tend to take place. *side note: passing the mall and other shops are part of my day to day commute*

friday was no different except, this time i decided to get off the train a stop before my destination to check out ipad covers at nordstrom rack *random i know*, i'm not sure if that was a good or bad idea. initially i walked in, took a look around and instead of finding an ipad cover, i spotted an ocean sapphire marc by marc jacobs turnlock bag. i picked it up, check the price tag and almost fainted: $79.97. were my big brown eyes deceiving me? i walked around the store in great debate wondering if i should purchase a bag that i was not in the market for, yet it was almost free *regular price tag $438*. i placed this gem of a bag on hold, walked out of the store and reasoned with myself that there was no way i could leave an almost free bag behind. i purchased the bag and made a mad dash out the door.