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stake-out: lanvin + h&m. *updated*

Lanvin, one of the most sought after high end fashion designers, collaborated with H&M to create a more affordable collection, which consisted of shoes, accessories, dresses, t-shirts, fabulous dresses and men’s wear. The debut, slated for November 20, 2010, created a major buzz with most making plans to attend via social networking sites and blog updates.

The doors of H&M were scheduled to open at 8am and lines were expected to far exceed that of Costco during the holiday season, many planned to “stake-out” the night before. Everyone was fully aware that sizes, quantities and the time to shop would be limited. H&M even had a strategic plan of action: the first 320 people in line would receive one of 16 different colored bracelets with only fifteen minutes to shop. Also, the limitations included not being able to purchase more than two sizes or pieces per product per customer. Since this was advised prior to arriving the next thing would be to figure out a time of arrival, what to bring as it would be at least 40 degrees outside and of course what items from the collection were “must haves.”

Initially, I had the idea of arriving two hours before in a white oxford with a bow, gray wool blazer, black pencil fit skirt, argyle tights and four inch black heels. That idea was shot down and laughed at as soon as it was posted to twitter.  I guess that was fine since we had yet to confirm a time to actually meet. Erin and Dani finally agreed that we would meet at 3am *there goes hanging out on a Friday night*. I decided on a long sleeve thermal, white deep v-neck t-shirt, boyfriend cardigan, scarf, jeggings and my favorite Minnetonka moccasins. I also packed a bag full of my favorite snacks and water to stay hydrated. I was a little tardy for our stake-out party, but I made it. I was shocked that there was already a line of folks. Erin interviewed a few people and found that a guy and his friend arrived at 8pm the night before. There was another lady who left a show at the local theater dressed in peep toes and skirt was so determined for her spot on line she had a friend bring her warmer clothes. We laughed, joked, watched the sunrise and dodged dirty looks from those who showed up a lot later than we had. Oh and let’s not forget about Dani’s lovely nap in her car.

As the time drew near Dani made a Starbuck’s run and the staff at H&M passed out croissants from Crumbs and coffee. We were also gifted with a cute Lavin + H&M tote bag, which included a scarf. Around, 745am we received our color wristbands with an 830am timeslot to shop, which was music to any shopaholics ears. Fortunately, we were in the second group of twenty shoppers, so there was little to no stress about being about to purchase the items on our “must-have” list, talk about a rush of adrenaline.

FINALLY!!! It was 8am, the doors opened and the line started to move, but it never stopped. We started to wonder what happened, since there was a twenty person maximum during a twenty minute timeframe. Something had gone terribly wrong!! The store was full of everyone from those who got there at 8pm the night before and those who had just rolled out of bed. Naturally shoppers were upset as there was a protocol set forth by H&M and the staff failed to adhere.  Management and security failed to take responsibility for the mix up, yet took their annoyance out on those who had been waiting outside in the freezing cold forever. People were grabbing multiples of everything, which was against the “shopping protocol” and caused more frustration to those who had been waiting.

By the time this experience was over I ended up with a fur vest, which I was not even on my list, yet something I truly adore. I enjoyed the company of Erin, Dani and it was lovely to have met fellow shopaholics and tweeters Shana and Nikka. I'm not sure if I would attend another "stake-out" considering the mayhem that ensued with this experience, but you never know. *wink*

* view pictures from the event: click here.*


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