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beauty tip: ingrown hair.

 waxing, a task we love to hate. we love the way it looks and feels, yet it's one of the most painful things to experience. i'm not sure anyone can get used to the "wax on, wax off" process no matter how many times it's done. unfortunately, with waxing one tends to deal with dreaded ingrown hair. the causes of ingrown hair is waxing, using a razor as well as wearing tight clothing. clearly those are only a few of the catalyst of ingrown hair. the best possible solutions are to try shaving in a different direction, tweezing and exfoliating.

personally, i've tried a few things from avoiding wax completely, which is not sexy at all and Tend Skin. i continued to have the same results: ingrown hair and darker pigmentation both of which were very frustrating. bliss spa sells ingrown eliminating pads, which works wonders, if you use them as directed. they are about the same price as Tend Skin, yet seems to be a bit more effective. happy waxing!