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method to the madness.

if it can be worn, it will be purchased. we all shop whether it’s for an event, boredom, fill up our closets, shop to say we’ve been shopping or to cure a bad day. we’re all guilty…as charged. some of us, of course, shop more than others, but how do you shop? do you pick up items in the front, as they tend to be the newest in the collection? do you browse and entire store looking for items that catch your eye, then grab items feverishly? do you pick out things in the newest magazine and go on the prowl to hunt them down? do you shop specific stores? and if so, if they don’t have anything worth purchasing, do you ditch the mall or walk around aimlessly until you find something?

as a self diagnosed shopaholic, i tend to make a mad dash to the back of the store, as that’s where the best deals are found: multiple mark-downs plus the chance of an additional percentage off, which always makes procuring new items a bit more enticing. the sale section can be a bit overwhelming, messy and sometimes brings upon an instant headache, but that’s where most gems *or almost free* items are located. the most important thing is being able to maximize your shopping budget. who cares if the items made its debut four weeks ago? the cool thing is being able to say you paid much less than the original price, or of course, bragging rights to say it was almost free.

so, what’s your method to the madness?


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