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le sigh…

is it me or is does everyone seem to look a hot fukking mess as of late? ugh if i see one more cheap bag/shoe, bad weave, wet n wild makeup i shall scream!!! WTH!!

there is no excuse for the tomfoolery as we all know there are a million and one steals, deals AND target, which leaves no excuse for the nonsense and we all know the dominicans have a way to repair the worst of bad hair days.

i'm not sure what this chick was thinking when she got her hair done. i suppose the picture actually does a bit of justice for what her hair actually looked like up close, but what about the girl who looks a bit like a baby foxy brown? i've been seeing her on the train as well with her multiple packs of bad curly hair. i know the weather has been horrible and some folks refrain from wearing sunday's best or working it out on the hair, but the madness must CEASE.

happy humpday!!!

[image location: my blackberry]

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