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drop by & DIY: collars.

random search on refinery 29, probably looking for new nail ideas, i stumbled upon a class for diy (do it yourself) collars hosted by studio 85 and kiah leigh. i purchased my ticket, eagerly anticipating sunday to meet other fashionable and creative folks as well as trying something i’ve never tried before. clearly, i’m crafty: bleaching things, realizing that scissors are my friend and the magic one can create with a sole seam ripper.

initially when i sat down, i was a bit overwhelmed with possibilities. they provided shirts, sequins, studs, stones, pearls, tacky glue, music, suggestions and conversation. after sitting there looking dazed and confused, i finally decided to use small and medium stones on the corners of the collar. it took approximately two hours *give or take chat time and other random breaks* to complete.

overall, i had a great time, met some cool folks and have an much better understanding in regards to shirts with anything other than standard buttons costing a tad bit more. i’m definitely looking forward to taking classes and doing more than using scissors and a seam ripper.

for more diy classes follow @kiahleigh on twitter and if you have tumblr check her out additional pictures here.


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  1. Looks like fun!

  2. Where is the pic of the finished product?

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