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happy new year.

happy new year. i'm not big on making any resolutions as life tends to happen. we all make lists of this or that as our calendars reset, yet most are unrealistic or stated because it may sound good. my resolution is to live better than i did last year: i'm such a free spirit, which at times can get me into trouble *all legal*. i'm not big on planning anything other than going to work daily, polishing my nails far too many times per week and making time for friends. thankfully i was able to think of a few things i really want to do:

  1. volunteer
  2. blog..more
  3. travel...a lot!
  4. schedule a photo shoot or ten, long overdue
  5. create a vision board
  6. cook more, eat out less
  7. read magazines as they are delivered and/or purchased *i have far too many magazines i have yet to read*
  8. learn to apply make-up... no circus face just different techniques using minimal make-up
  9. sight-see within my own city
  10. take advantage of living social, groupon and scoutmob deals

what's on your list?


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