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duwop is a cosmetic line i've started to see a lot more in different magazines. duwop was created in 1998 by make-up artist cristina bartolucci. initially her quest was to find a cool and effective way to keep actors eyes from being puffy along with the much dreaded dark circles after eighteen hours on set. of course there are a million so called remedies: cold compresses, cucumber slices and even preparation H *ewwww* that are suggested to remove the puffiness and/or dark circles, but who has time for all of that? that's when the birth of IGels took place.

who cares about dark circles that's what concealer is for? the thing that most women crave are thick pouty lips. there is always the option of surgery, but that can become costly and one never knows what their lip's will really look like once the swelling goes away. after trying different concoctions, to include a mix of cayenne pepper, duwop birthed lip venom, which gives the pouty, plump look women crave *think angelina jolie*. some of duwop's fan base includes madonna, gwen stefani, nicole richie, oprah and ciara.

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  1. lisa rinna had her lips done. there was a recent article where she cleared up the rumor: she had silicone added to her lips, it hardened and i believe she went in to get them re-done and that's the train wreck set of lips she ended up with. [,,20279675,00.html]

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