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donate. keep. toss.

closet clean-outs can be a "bee eye itch" to deal with. the torment of giving up things that were once drool worthy, that are too small or simply out of style. how do you know what to keep, donate or toss? 

start with what's obvious: if you've filled out a bit and are simply holding on to things a few sizes too small with HOPES that you'll one day fit into them: donate. we often trick ourselves that eating one less french fry or a bowl less of ice cream that the weight will magically disappear. realistically, we know it's just as far from the truth as seeing a unicorn while taking out the trash. *good luck with that*  if there are items you tend to pass by while screaming you have nothing to wear, try on the item as there's always a reason something has been hanging for so long without being worn *too small, itchy, busted seams or simply not as appealing as it once was* donate to a friend, co-worker or local charity: just get rid of it! oh plus it gives you more reason to ADD to your wardrobe.

keep things that still give you the same level of excitement that it did when the initial purchase was made. if it doesn't fit, it's time to donate *see paragraph above for instructions.* i'm not sure if the economy is to blame or designers simply running out of creative ideas, but if it's a trend this season chances are it will be back again sooner than you can click your heels three times. think animal prints, stripes, color blocking, midi skirts, wedges and bow-tie blouses: they've been around time and time again, ask someone a few years older and i bet they'll confirm *i'll wait*  if you hate it this go 'round you may love it when it makes its way back. woot!

tossing clothes *literally in the trash* is just... well i'm sure frowned upon in the opinions of many, but if you're giving major stink eye to something, chances are someone else will. save yourself the shame, though you'd be a nameless topic of discussion. so by all means save your nameless self from being dragged through the mud by a random strangers due to donating things that are tattered, torn, stained *gross* and/or can't be repaired.