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sweater dress.

  • earrings: marc by marc jacobs
  • scarf: pieces
  • arm candy: j. crew
  • tights: nordstrom
  • shoes: sam edelman "effie"


shop. shopping. shopped.

the mall, online, boutiques, thrift stores and plethora of other places to satisfy the new/recycled clothes crave. we're all guilty, whether it's just out of habit, void filling or for an upcoming event: we all shop. how many times do you actually inventory the items in your closet? can you actually count the amount of times you're frustrated with having too many tops, not enough bottoms or too many bottoms and not enough tops? a million shoes in black, but only a couple in a different hue?

the problem: we have all been there a time or two or ten and it's quite frustrating. we scope the malls, browse online, all while being enticed by free shipping, additional discounts if you spend over a certain dollar amount, the big red clearance sign: all of which are a shopaholics dream come true. so many items purchased filling one's closet, but when it's time to actually put and outfit together, excitement leaves and the sound of crickets enter. how on earth do you have a closet busting out of the "seams", yet absolutely nothing that works? *gasps*

the solution:  most mall trips and online shopping escapades are rarely planned, they just happen. i mean in today's economy everything is on sale, we receive far too many emails about sales, discounts and free shipping, so it's almost impossible to wait for boredom to kick in to check your favorite shopping site or pop in lady gaga and drive to the local mall.

take note from time to time: do you really need another black shoe or is it time to add a different hue? how many of your pieces are identical to one another? the closet is your playground, a masterpiece, in which YOU'VE built: visit it often. there's no way that you can recall what you own if you never spend time there, outside of opening the doors to your closet and yelling, "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!" if necessary play dress up: try on an outfit as you would wear it, take a few notes of what's missing from your ensemble and determine what you NEED to purchase. even if you have a million things, there should be balance within your with everything else, but that's a different story.



denim jacket….

the denim jacket: one month the magazines say it's in and the next month they are on the list of things to toss *yes, i've seen such a contradiction in the same magazine*. personally, the denim jacket is the perfect staple to any fashionistas wardrobe. there are so many variations: classic, blazer, asymmetric zippers and exaggerated sleeves. the denim jacket can be paired with leggings, pencil fit skirts, shorts and of course, classic black pants. NEVER CAN/SHOULD A BLUE DENIM JACKET BE WORN WITH BLUE DENIM JEANS. NEVER EVER!

happy manic monday!!! 

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spring time…in the city.

yeah. sure. right. i have no idea what's up with the weather. i actually think someone pissed mother nature off and she's giving us bad with paired with the middle finger saying karma's a bee-eye-itch.

anysapphirebluway, we all know april showers bring may flowers along with allergies, bi-polar weather and folks eager to let it all hang out. so in my free time *sarcastic tone with an eye roll* i've been thinking of all that is necessary for transition from winter to spring. here's my "to-do" list:

  • facial: clean out those pours and scrape away dead cells
  • mani/pedi: most folks ignore such things during the winter months, yet ands and feet should always be on point regardless of the season
  • meds: anyone who suffers from allergies knows it's IMPERATIVE to have meds within arms reach
  • closet: everyone lied *except me*saying they would shed pounds just in time for spring, you know to get into the clothes you couldn't fit last spring. (time to donate to a local charity or church as they say "one man's trash is another man's treasure")
  • hair: the season has changed, so should your hair style
  • wardrobe: floral print dresses, cardigans, oversized belts, cute flat sandals/ballet flats and cross-body bags

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everyone and their mother, literally, are sporting converse *aka all star chucks*. they have been around for ages and over their years converse has been revamped using fun hues, different textiles as well as mixing different hues together on the same shoe. free people has an exclusive line of chucks where the designers used various techniques to develop stand out kicks. click here to see the full array of sneakers, as well as purchase o_O.

hand embroidered

hand studded grommets

sequined applique

happy manic monday!

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let it snow…

let it snow... or not! vans, as in the sneakers, collaborated with 7 for all mankind to design a swanky pair of snow pants. the denim is 7 for all mankind's ever so popular bootcut in new york denim dipped in vanguard, which is a waterproof coating. there's also an inner shield to protect your ankles from getting wet.

finally something fashionable to hit the slopes!!! enjoy!

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it's… asymmetric!!!

*sigh* does rihanna EVER miss a fashionable beat? i am LOVING this asymmetric leather jacket, which is a must have look for the season.

happy friday!!!
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are my albert maysles' glasses? i instantly fell in love upon seeing them in an email from barney's new york. i think i died and went to spectacle heaven.

who the heezy was albert maysles? i'd say he was a cool guy with a great taste in basic specs, but truthfully he's known as the pioneer of filming documentaries. anywho, barney's new york and barton perreira collaborated to bring the common folks *that would be us* replicas of his signature glasses in readers AND sunglasses. the price tag starts at $350, but $25 of each sale goes to the maysles institute.

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croc hoodie.

dear pharrell,
i love your cute face, smedium clothes as well as this crocodile hermes hoodie.

sapphire blu.

SN: this hoodie will set you back $18-75K!!!

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