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the hue blue

sapphire blu. blue skies. crystal blue water. sad and blue: those are the things that come to mind when i think of the hue blue. surely as a fashionista there are plenty of others that can and will come to mind.

blue has become a favorite hue in the mani/pedi world whether worn to make a statement, simply a favorite color or worn to give that "bad girl/rebel" image: it's all over the place. i have three favorite blue polishes that i keep in rotation *outside of black which reflects my inner goth*. my favorite case of the blues are OPI’s “blue my mind” with a hint of metallic, “dating a royal” which is basically the same as “blue my mind” minus the metallic shimmer and China Glaze “shower together”.

for more fabulous OPI hues click here and for China Glaze take a trip down to your local sally’s beauty supply store.

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co bigelow

yum! one of my MANY favorite guilty pleasures would be lip gloss, well not just any lip gloss, but co bigelow. typically i wear mentha lip tint no. 1137 *there are quite a few others*, but since i was in need of a bit of retail therapy i decided to try the rose salve. the salve can be used on knees, face, lips, cuticles and elbows *as read directly off the product this morning on the train*. i suppose you can think of it as a bit of this and that in one cute little mini can. according to their site, they are the oldest apothecary *means pharmacy/drugstore: apothecary just sounds cooler* founded in 1838.

i also purchased the mentha lip buffer, which exfoliates the dead skin off your lip: think of the many times you've applied gloss and have that yucky skin film. yes, this works i tried it when i got home :o ) plus it contains sugar and is rather minty for a great taste. bath & body works is currently offering certain co bigelow lip treatments for $5/each. i have yet to see co bigelow any place other than bath & body works and some random place in NYC. they make for great gifts and also offer a line for men.

happy humpday!!!
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manicured nails will forever remain "in style." the pampering, mixing and matching of colors compliments every fashionista. the latest and greatest of such a more the welcomed experience. minx: created by janice jordan and dawn lynch-goodwin who both seemed to tire of "normal" jobs along with the day to day wear and tear on nails. the process is earth friend with zero chemicals involved, say adios to chipped nails and thank heavens that it doesn't smudge *how embarrassing is it to wait for your nails to dry and you bump it in that dryer that doesn't seem to work anyway?* currently minx offers five different product lines: metallic, standard designs, custom and armour and color. minx has become a growing trend being sported by blake lively *gossip girl*, beyonce *aka sasha fierce* and lisa marie presley *the spawn of elvis*.

so how does this work? a thick film *realistically the thickness of a sticker* is cut to fit the nail and applied using a heat activated adhesive. minx lasts for approximately four weeks and can be easily removed by soaking hands/feet in warm water.

the time saving alone sounds like a sweet deal to me: i'm sold! for additional information and a location near you: click here!

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threads. when i hear the term threads i think of the threads used to stitch my favorite pair of jeans *true religion, seven for all mankind and citizens of humanity to be exact* but there's a new phenomenon and different purpose for granny's sewing thread.

while we still use threads to sew*i think staples would be a bad idea and quite painful*, we have new way to achieve fabulous eyebrows and to remove unwanted facial hair called: threading. i know it sounds quite painful as one would think how and why would anyone do such a thing. first and foremost, this is a different technique from your tradition pluck *ouch* a little more precise than wax *double ouch* and the razor *possible ingrown hair AND grows back twice the speed, in my opinion.*

my first experience was about four years ago after having skin ripped from the corners of my mouth *i also get my upper lip done* and a little skin missing under my eyebrow: all in all very painful and definitely not attractive: i have been hooked. the price is relatively reasonable *usually starting around $10 depending on where you live* and i can get both my eyebrows and upper lip done in about 15 minutes.

the best place that I have found is located in Washington, DC is Threads, which has three locations and metro accessible. if you are not in the DC Metro area try google and use keyword: eyebrow threading.

PS. Just to see how this is done click here ;o)

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