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colors left to right: sapphire in the snow. opi ink. funky dunkey. done out in deco. steady as she rose.



to buy, or not to buy? that's the magical question that goes through the head of any fashionista: whether dreaming about shopping, at the mall, virtual shopping when they should really be working: we all wonder if we should buy another pair of long black flat leather boots to join the 99 other pairs you already have. i must admit that i’m a shopaholic who's in need of rehab, but even i question *though never too deep* all of the so-called sales. i guess i'm a bit confused about why there is a call to buy to "boost" the economy didn’t everything just increase so someone could profit which is a nice way for saying he or she is greedy?. then some magical bubble bursts and we are strapped for cash an even nicer way to say recession?

by all means don't call me any budget analyst as the only thing i know how to add is shoe plus shoe equals here’s my visa *debit card: cash and carry only!*. daily i continue to receive the emails of spend $200 get $50 off your purchase. let's rewind: there's a 50-75% *sometimes more* of a mark-up on clothing: think about the $150 you spend on a pair of seven for all mankind jeans they were about $75 or less to actually manufacture.

so buy spending more are you really paying less? i’m the sale rack junkie *don’t judge me* as it all makes sense. technically when it’s on sale you are really paying what it costs to actually manufacture it anyway, which leaves more money to buy more things: it’s a win win situation plus you aren’t financing someone else’s deluxe apartment in the sky when you are living in a studio too small for even a toddler to live comfortably!

happy manic monday!

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what's YOUR addiction?

addiction, is defined as: "the condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or or involved in something".

well i must confess that i have several addictions, all related to fashion of course. the white tshirt: we have a love/hate relationship. i think this is something conveniently worn by both men and women alike, though i think men get carried away wearing them as if other styles of shirts have ceased to exist.

my personal fave, on myself of course, happens to be the sheer jersey short sleeve deep v-neck from american apparel. i know the price may seem a bit steep for the same shirt that another major underwear company sells, but it just isn't the same ;o( the american apparel tshirts tend to keep their color *they come in such a rainbow of colors*, including the white tshirts and retain their shape: what's not to love about that?!

i love love love fashion magazines and my FAVORITE being NYLON. why? NYLON doesn't include the goofy boyfriend and girlfriend chatter, but completely dedicated to clothes, make-up and great music: i mean you may as well look great while dancing around like a fool ;o) i also read HARPER'S BAZAAR, why? hmmm, i have not figured out that part just yet. seriously, i enjoy the style section which tends to give updates on what seems to be hot for the season and those items which should be retired from your wardrobe. we all know fashion recycles itself so i wouldnt run the not-so-cool items to goodwill just yet ;o) they also give tid bits in reference to being fashion forward, what's taking place on the catwalk *minus the drama that takes place prior to walking the plank*. they also campaign FAKES ARE NEVER IN FASHION because we all know that fake bags/knock off clothing never compliments a real fashionista.

sorry boys, but the next tid bit is for the girls. i'm addicted to nail polish, but not just ANY nail polish: OPI polish has the latest and greatest colors for any and every occasion. sadly i think i have gone from an addiction of buying polish to an obsession with actually polishing my nails. yes, i am teased often and i am sure folks wonder how i can afford to keep my nails freshly lacquered, but the secret is: I POLISH THEM MYSELF. i have mastered my own mani/pedi that if this recession doesn't give soon i may be the next in-house manicurist.

oh and i'm addicted to cute boys, but that's another blog for a different day ;o)

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