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deals and steals: sam edelman

last night i was able to convince krob *one of my partners in crime* to attend a movie with me, despite the fridge temps. after the movie, i wanted to venture to bloomingdale's, as tyson's corner is a tad too far to venture to without a true mission *whatever helps the shopper sleep at night*. we walked in and boom, there was sign screaming my name:  take an extra 50% off sale items.  i scored a pair of sam edelman "javi" wedges for... $50! that's not really almost free, but it's a lot better than paying the original pricetag of $150. the time was limited so we didn't get to venture into any other departments, womp. i have yet to determine what i'll actually pair these with, but i'm definitely thinking something mint green, citron and a few other fun hues.

sn: we were able to catch a private showing of "man on a ledge," which hits theaters january 27. definitely worth seeing!!!!



shoesday. mugler.



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method to the madness.

if it can be worn, it will be purchased. we all shop whether it’s for an event, boredom, fill up our closets, shop to say we’ve been shopping or to cure a bad day. we’re all guilty…as charged. some of us, of course, shop more than others, but how do you shop? do you pick up items in the front, as they tend to be the newest in the collection? do you browse and entire store looking for items that catch your eye, then grab items feverishly? do you pick out things in the newest magazine and go on the prowl to hunt them down? do you shop specific stores? and if so, if they don’t have anything worth purchasing, do you ditch the mall or walk around aimlessly until you find something?

as a self diagnosed shopaholic, i tend to make a mad dash to the back of the store, as that’s where the best deals are found: multiple mark-downs plus the chance of an additional percentage off, which always makes procuring new items a bit more enticing. the sale section can be a bit overwhelming, messy and sometimes brings upon an instant headache, but that’s where most gems *or almost free* items are located. the most important thing is being able to maximize your shopping budget. who cares if the items made its debut four weeks ago? the cool thing is being able to say you paid much less than the original price, or of course, bragging rights to say it was almost free.

so, what’s your method to the madness?



shoesday: SWIMS charles

SWIMS charles


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bishop boutique.

on one of my many random walks around old town, i stumbled upon a cute boutique. the interior was bright and the store had a few shoes, none of which i had laid my eyes on in other boutiques. i chatted with the store owner, kelly, and was advised she had just opened that day. a few weeks later kelly, sent me an email about a ribbon cutting ceremony and i responded to the email requesting an interview.

upon my arrival a bit of excitement flowed through my veins as the store i had visited a couple of weeks ago was now decorated: walls lined with shoes *literally hanging from the molding*, jewelry and accessories. the boutique reminds you of every woman’s dream closet: dark hardwood floors, crystal chandeliers, bright white shelving, printed chairs and accessories hanging from antlers.

there are many places one can open a boutique: u street, bethesda row and georgetown, just to name a few, so i asked kelly why she chose old town over other areas and she advised that she could feel the difference within each area, but felt most welcome in old town, specifically king street. she also advised that while there are other places to shop, customer service is what sets bishop apart from other boutiques.

most times none of us think to wonder why a store or boutique has opted for a certain moniker, yet some take the time to actually to determine such a thing. bishop boutique: the name bishop seemed to flow with the design of old town, which is sort of like a chess board *per kelly, that's definitely NOT something i would have thought about*. the actual logo of bishop is kelly's dad's initials and the cute bow was taken from her wedding shoes.

the overall concept of bishop is to add the final touches to a fabulous ensemble: shoes, bags and accessories.  the mission was to avoid competing with larger department stores ,  yet give women *and men who are shopping for women* something to look forward to by selling more up and coming designers, such as lola cruz, loeffler randall, all black, pura lopez, bibi lou and schutz, to name a few. the sizes in shoes range from 5-11, and to much surprise bishop tends to sell out of larger sizes faster, with prices ranging between $55-475. though bishop will probably not restock shoes once a design has sold completely there’s a slight chance that a special order can be made.

the thing i love the absolutely most about bishop is walking in and having someone greet me, minus the feeling of being hounded. i noticed throughout the interview, kelly stopped to greet every single person who walked through those doors,  as if she was excited to see a friend she hadn’t seen in a while. it’s a bit refreshing to know that great customer service, though hard to find, still exists. i love going into a store and seeing anything from shoes to small accessories that i have yet to see some place else. bishop is cute and quite welcoming. i'll definitely go back!!!

bishop boutique is open monday–saturday 10 a.m.-7 p.m. and sunday 11 a.m.-5 p.m. *e-commerce coming soon!

take a peek inside bishop boutique

happy shopping!


shop. shopping. shopped.

the mall, online, boutiques, thrift stores and plethora of other places to satisfy the new/recycled clothes crave. we're all guilty, whether it's just out of habit, void filling or for an upcoming event: we all shop. how many times do you actually inventory the items in your closet? can you actually count the amount of times you're frustrated with having too many tops, not enough bottoms or too many bottoms and not enough tops? a million shoes in black, but only a couple in a different hue?

the problem: we have all been there a time or two or ten and it's quite frustrating. we scope the malls, browse online, all while being enticed by free shipping, additional discounts if you spend over a certain dollar amount, the big red clearance sign: all of which are a shopaholics dream come true. so many items purchased filling one's closet, but when it's time to actually put and outfit together, excitement leaves and the sound of crickets enter. how on earth do you have a closet busting out of the "seams", yet absolutely nothing that works? *gasps*

the solution:  most mall trips and online shopping escapades are rarely planned, they just happen. i mean in today's economy everything is on sale, we receive far too many emails about sales, discounts and free shipping, so it's almost impossible to wait for boredom to kick in to check your favorite shopping site or pop in lady gaga and drive to the local mall.

take note from time to time: do you really need another black shoe or is it time to add a different hue? how many of your pieces are identical to one another? the closet is your playground, a masterpiece, in which YOU'VE built: visit it often. there's no way that you can recall what you own if you never spend time there, outside of opening the doors to your closet and yelling, "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!" if necessary play dress up: try on an outfit as you would wear it, take a few notes of what's missing from your ensemble and determine what you NEED to purchase. even if you have a million things, there should be balance within your with everything else, but that's a different story.



stumbled upon. marc by marc jacobs.

leaving work early can be both a gift and curse. my boss decided everyone had worked hard all week so we could sneak out. i was excited of course as it was a friday, which meant an early start on weekend shenanigans that tend to take place. *side note: passing the mall and other shops are part of my day to day commute*

friday was no different except, this time i decided to get off the train a stop before my destination to check out ipad covers at nordstrom rack *random i know*, i'm not sure if that was a good or bad idea. initially i walked in, took a look around and instead of finding an ipad cover, i spotted an ocean sapphire marc by marc jacobs turnlock bag. i picked it up, check the price tag and almost fainted: $79.97. were my big brown eyes deceiving me? i walked around the store in great debate wondering if i should purchase a bag that i was not in the market for, yet it was almost free *regular price tag $438*. i placed this gem of a bag on hold, walked out of the store and reasoned with myself that there was no way i could leave an almost free bag behind. i purchased the bag and made a mad dash out the door.



target. harlem.

target. the place we go for one thing and leave with everything minus our intended purchase. *audible sigh* they have been known to collaborate with different designers for their GO! International collection and have finally brought the designs local: east harlem, 125th street to be exact. the new collection includes, swimwear, t-shirts and other exclusive harlem inspired designs. the creative design team who was blessed with such honors are ruben & isabel toledo (who can boast that FLOTUS has worn her pieces) and stephen burrows. the collection debuts in harlem on july 25 and will be sold at select stores and online starting august 1. click here to preview additional pieces.


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