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earth day…

so many scandals and not enough room to cover them all here on day was founded back in the early 1970's, wait click here as i did a post last year on le histoire of earth day. here are a few looks of MANY eco-friendly pieces:

the only con to wearing organic is it lacks bright hues, but the whole point of being "eco friendly" is to eliminate all of the harsh dyes and toxins that pollute the air. plus the cotton tends to be a lot softer. click here to find other "eco friendly' designers. reduce. reuse and by all means RECYCLE!

happy earth day fashionistas!

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valentine's day. 2010.

valentine's day, the day we love to hate and you're walking in my shoes, you actually hate it. the day of cupid, roses, engagements, romantic dinner, candles, the whispering of sweet nothings, lingerie and diamonds.

during this dreadful occasion men and women alike are inclined to run out to buy gifts to display their love and affection for their partner, but enough with the cheesy gifts. most women can actually go out and purchase their own victoria's secret lingerie, meals at ruth's chris and perfumes and men can purchase their own, wait this is more for the ladies so men take note!

if you're going to get your lovely lady a gift give one from the heart, one that actually takes time to craft, such as preparing a meal *or ordering if you think she'll end up in the ER after one bite of the science project created in the kitchen*, sexy lingerie from kiki de montparnasse and/or agent provocateur, build a bear or perhaps a having a picnic in the comfort of your own living room *and yes for the full effect you need a picnic basket*. the more creative you are without seeming like you used the google search engine for ideas the more appreciative your mate will be. good luck and happy shopping...valentine's day is sunday, february 14 *just in case you forgot*. and for s&g's go check out the movie "valentine's day," with ashton kutcher, jamie foxx, jessica alba, queen latifah, anne hathaway and a plethora of other actors.

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happy birthday!

happy birthday to mr. shawn corey carter aka jay z. if you want to read his bio, click here. TGIF, have a fabulous and fashionable weekend!!!
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WHO? american vogue. nyc & company. the city of new york. council of fashion designers of america.

WHAT? another reason for fabulous fashionista’s to have a reason to shop. seriously, think of your fashionable finances as the stimulus package to boost the economy.

WHEN? september 10th, which also marks the beginning of fashion week!

WHERE? GLOBAL, but the major events take place in the fashion mecca of NYC!!!

FASHIONABLE FACT: fashion is the second largest industry in NYC *finance is numero uno* with TEN BILLION dollars in wages. i wonder how much money i contribute to that? *nevermind it gives me a headache to entertain such thoughts*. the fashion industry also includes 800 fashion companies : how many have you worked for?

so go out, spend some money and tune into to local channels/blogs for one of the most anticipated times of the year!!! oh and click here for additional info!

ps. don't forget to check out THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE this coming friday!

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earth day…

earth day is a day which promotes being "friendly" to the environment. earth day was created in the 1970's by senator gaylord nelson *sorry doesn't ring a bell ;o(* initially the "earth day movement" was created to stabilize the population on earth and to promote a healthy environment. i suppose if we all followed this "trend" outside of april 22 perhaps there would be no such thing as global warming *just a thought*. the activists who participate in the earth day are avid protesters of oil spills, raw sewage *barf*, toxic dumps and pesticides. during the 1990's earth day was focused around recycling: does that include old boyfriends and girlfriends too?

these days everything is about being eco-friendly from taking your own re-usable bags to the grocery store to designers coming up with 100% organic clothing lines. whole foods, an ever so popular organic grocery store, gives a small discount if you bring your own shopping bag. some of the eco-friendly designers include beau soleil, alex & ani, organic and larsen gray. there are other well known designers who have also incorporated a eco-friendly line such as 7 for all mankind, c & c california, stella mccartney and charlotte ronson. i must say that i'm a bit confused: if going "green" is such a great thing to save the environment why in the world does it cost ten times more?

for more earth day tid bits click here or here.

recycle. eat a vegan. do something productive to save the planet. happy earth day oh fabulous ones!!

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you are on the list…

you are on the list, but are you really? in my many magazine readings i sort of stumbled upon a site you are on the list. the list can only be enjoyed by those who live in the NYC area and other "hot areas", but overall the concept is great minus the crazy membership fee: $500 to be exact. "the list" gives you access to all of the exclusive parties, which means red carpet, rubbing elbows with celebrities and pretending the paparazzi are snapping pictures of you when really no one knows you *we can all pretend can't we?* i signed up *minus the fee* and i receive emails about the latest in fashion and arts that are taking place. unfortunately, in order to RSVP for these lovely events you must pay that dreadful fee *no payment, no attendance*, but some of us spend that on a pair of shoes anyway, so why not at least have a place to hang for half of the months rent?

"the list" events both past and upcoming: fashion week 2009 @ bryant park, oscar week reception hosted by jamie kennedy, fun times at the playboy mansion *get your mind out the gutter it's a party, but not that kind of party* and the film independent's spirit awards. 
check the site for yourself: to join or not to join is totally up to you!


we, the people, have exactly ELEVEN days until the 44th president will be sworn into office: how exciting??! on the flip side those who are area residents in the district may not be so thrilled. there are several streets being closed off and even area residents are annoyed with the fact that they may have difficulty getting home *screams: if i pay rent there i need to sleep there!* the train service has extended hours and claim they will be able to handle the mass travelers: sorry, but i don't believe that considering the delays on a "normal" working day. oh and let's not discuss how many times there's a malfunction and you have to get off the train completely *yes that includes EVERYONE* and wait on the next train.

thus far a few MILLION people are expected to bless the district with their presence, which i'm sure will cause more than enough headache for us locals. thankfully with the observance of martin luther the king's birthday *no that's not a typo* most offices are closed as well as on inauguration day *talk about a long weekend!!* i suppose those who like to drink themselves into a drunken stupor were pleased to find out that a lot of clubs/bars have extended hours and will be open as late as 5am. ugh all of that chatter is giving me a headache since i may be stuck in my own residence to avoid having to sleep in my car should i be stuck in the projected traffic.

anyblu, the other day i received an email inquiring if i would be in attendance to the infuriation. i responded that i wasn't really sure what and infuriation was and no i wouldn't be attending the inauguration. at that point the sender advised that they spelled inauguration incorrectly. wouldn't grammar check catch such a horrible mistake? obviously this person should not attend either since they have no idea if they are attending an infuriation or an inauguration. do better people!!!

happy friday!!!

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Sigerson Morrison

this morning i was flipping my way through the People Style Watch for October 2008 and half asleep on the train this morning i came across a tasty treat.

SIGERSON MORRISON, which was founded by kari sigerson and miranda morrison, have designed a line that will be carried exclusively at Target. the SM line is quite sassy, but the price tag can set you back a few hundred bucks, so i am sure this brings great cheer to those who love the line, yet refuse to spend half of their rent money to keep up with the latest trend.

i am sure these will sell out as soon as they hit the shelves so save the date: October 12, 2008 and the site.


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