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happy new year.

happy new year. i'm not big on making any resolutions as life tends to happen. we all make lists of this or that as our calendars reset, yet most are unrealistic or stated because it may sound good. my resolution is to live better than i did last year: i'm such a free spirit, which at times can get me into trouble *all legal*. i'm not big on planning anything other than going to work daily, polishing my nails far too many times per week and making time for friends. thankfully i was able to think of a few things i really want to do:

  1. volunteer
  2. blog..more
  3. travel...a lot!
  4. schedule a photo shoot or ten, long overdue
  5. create a vision board
  6. cook more, eat out less
  7. read magazines as they are delivered and/or purchased *i have far too many magazines i have yet to read*
  8. learn to apply make-up... no circus face just different techniques using minimal make-up
  9. sight-see within my own city
  10. take advantage of living social, groupon and scoutmob deals

what's on your list?


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deals and steals. hela spa @ georgetown.

hela spa, one of my favorite places in the district, is currently offering the following deals from now through december 31, 2011:
20% off any massage
swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, hot stone and pre-natal massage.
sundays, tuesdays, wednesdays
20% student discount
services only -- no product or package discounts
must show student ID
eminence or pumpkin facial
$130.00 (reg. $160.00/ $150.00)
stimulate your mind and your senses to the fresh scents and spices of the season. allow your skin to get detoxed and rejuvenated just in time for the holidays.
tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays
add on LED treatment
$50.00 (reg. $100.00)
add an LED Treatment to any facial to get your skin ready and radiant for those holiday parties.
tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays

i've experienced different types of facials at hela spa and i HIGHLY recommend scheduling with tiffany. she's awesome!!! i've also booked a deep tissue massage with allison and i was tempted to offer her room and board for an unlimited supply of massages.

hela spa 3209 m street northwest| washington, dc 20007|voice 202.333.4445

ps. you must advise you saw this deal in an "email" at the time of booking your appoint. enjoy!!!!


holiday travel.

pick the destination. purchase airline tickets. book the hotel. piece of cake. now it’s time to pack. most airlines charge additional fees for checked luggage, which is a bit absurd!!  i recommend packing  tad lighter, traveling with a carry on, as the check baggage fund can be used for libations, food, damage at the mall and more libations. *you get the point here*

if you’re visiting family this holiday season chances are you’ll be sitting around the house eating most of the trip *wait did i just tell on myself?* and if someone is lucky they’ll be able to resuscitate you from a food induced coma for a trip to the mall. *you don’t have to ask me twice*

it doesn’t really matter where you’re traveling, to be completely honest, but one thing’s for sure you do not need to  pack 20 pairs of shoes, 5 pairs of jeans and far too many tops and blouses to ponder over. think about your itinerary while on travel: will you be lounging most of the time? a beach bum *you lucky thing you*? what type of social and/or leisure activities have been planned? while i’m not a fan of planning anything *blame the free spirit*, the one thing i keep in mind is that i 1) loathe checking luggage, total waste of time plus there’s the possibility you make it to your destination and your prized possessions are on another continent and 2) one tends to over-pack thinking they may wear certain items, yet they’re never touched. i recommend trying on your outfits based on what your plans are and could possibly be *process of elimination, get with it!* if you’re not “feeling” it before you jet-set, chances are you won’t when you arrive to your destination either.

here’s what you should pack: 

  • 3 pairs of shoes: comfort, casual and dressing up *respectively*
  • a pair: who really knows you’re repeating those jeans a second or third time?
  • extra undergarments and toiletries as you never know where you may get stuck *remember the movie “the terminal” yep, i experienced being “trapped: between 3 airports for 32 hours*
  • tops: based on temperature, comfort and activities
  • lounge wear: whatever that means to you, pack it *wink*, but don’t overdo it
  • outerwear: light and/or heavy jacket, depending on where you're traveling

oh and don’t fill your bag to capacity, as you never know what gems you may find should you go shopping. anything else that you desperately need can be found at the local mall or target, as every city has one *wait, don’t quote me on that*.

 happy and safe travels!


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le sigh: halloween

"this year halloween fell on a weekend," wow!!! people have grown such big egos and self confidence. while there's nothing wrong with confidence there should be a limit to how much a person has. i think every girl used halloween as an excuse to let it all hang out: literally!!! i saw some of the most dreadful costumes. i mean not everyone can have a silhouette that resembles a coke bottle, but should you look at your shadow and it resembles barney: the purple dinosaur or junior from fraggle rock, you should truly reconsider wearing anything remotely close to a stripper or maid. my tummy started to turn as i was forced to bear witness to the foolery. the one thing that sticks on in my head is a guy who drank way too much, released all he drank plus his food on the dance floor and this oversized maid/stripper chick decided to release her inner "dirty diana" moves and slipped in all of that nonsense. i couldn't help but laugh as she already looked like a complete fool with her alleged costume. unfortunately/fortunately, depending on how you look at it, i have no pictures of any of the madness. i mean why make my readers suffer? i think i suffered enough for us all. i hope that next year people will get a bit more creative and wear things that actually fit them.

oh and for the record: i dressed up as lady gaga.

happy manic monday!
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earth day…

earth day is a day which promotes being "friendly" to the environment. earth day was created in the 1970's by senator gaylord nelson *sorry doesn't ring a bell ;o(* initially the "earth day movement" was created to stabilize the population on earth and to promote a healthy environment. i suppose if we all followed this "trend" outside of april 22 perhaps there would be no such thing as global warming *just a thought*. the activists who participate in the earth day are avid protesters of oil spills, raw sewage *barf*, toxic dumps and pesticides. during the 1990's earth day was focused around recycling: does that include old boyfriends and girlfriends too?

these days everything is about being eco-friendly from taking your own re-usable bags to the grocery store to designers coming up with 100% organic clothing lines. whole foods, an ever so popular organic grocery store, gives a small discount if you bring your own shopping bag. some of the eco-friendly designers include beau soleil, alex & ani, organic and larsen gray. there are other well known designers who have also incorporated a eco-friendly line such as 7 for all mankind, c & c california, stella mccartney and charlotte ronson. i must say that i'm a bit confused: if going "green" is such a great thing to save the environment why in the world does it cost ten times more?

for more earth day tid bits click here or here.

recycle. eat a vegan. do something productive to save the planet. happy earth day oh fabulous ones!!

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red. white. pink.

valentines day: the day we all love to hate. the red, pink and white. the roses, the chocolates, stuffed bears, conversation hearts candy that tastes like chalk and cheesy cards trust me i can't stand it either. i actually dread valentine's day, yet i'm probably to first to run to the local target to pick up cards and a million stickers to decorate them all *probably more of my sensitive/sensual side*.

my head just hurts entertaining this over-rated madness. aren't you suppose to show, prove and admit your love throughout the year? i mean i'm not one to suggest you pour out your bloody soul to someone, but this day on the calendar creator should not be given all the credit for such tomfoolery *i wouldn't mind secretly kicking his/her @$$ for the torture*

anyblu, since we are chatting about this love thing. i've fallen deeply and madly in love with.... TOUS *jokes on you my dear reader* TOUS is actually a jewelry line of heart shaped pendants embossed with cute messages. i mean if you are going to buy a gift get the right one: one that won't die, definitely won't be given to goodwill should we part ways nor eaten when one has a sweet tooth that can’t be ignored... TOUS is a spanish brand that just surfaced in the US of A in recent months *this semi-confirms we are the only ones suffering from the recession: damn!*. kylie minogue is the fresh face that’s being used in their ad campaigns as well as being tapped to design her own bracelet *lucky duck.* they also have a line of handbags *one can never have too many of those*, perfume, accessories, things for that special man in your life and gifts for kids *how sweet?*

so there you have it. valentine's day: i hate it. the end! since i'm not a fan i decided to blog about it a week early.

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the list…

countdown to christmas. i really don't feel like counting the days before christmas as i'm already over the crowds and this is just the beginning: yikes!

i was inspired by my friend q's site to think about what i so-called wish for:

1. digital camera- bought that yesterday
2. new black flat boots- bought those on wednesday, though i could surely use another pair ;o)
3. mac book pro- why not since everyone is going "green" these days
4. an unlimited supply of tostitos con queso cheese dip and tortilla chips from whole foods *forgot the name: they come in a white bag*
5. gift cards to chipotle, qdoba, whole foods
6. new pair of true religion jeans

here’s a list of things that should never be on my list:

1. perfume- i think i am the only girl on the planet who can totally do without perfume
2. crocs- i despise them
3. cd of christmas carols- no thanks i tend to be a scrooge when it come to the carols
4. hickory farms meat and cheese baskets- yuck anything pre-packaged for any extended period of time can’t be good
5. fruit cake- that looks disgusting, so i can’t imagine what it actually tastes like
6. mani/pedi sets- why? most folks pay for those services

d@mn, my wish list is rather weak. i better get busy and check my favorite sites to see if there's anything else i would like or this is a sure sign that i shop waaaaaaaay too much!

tgif make it a great one :o )

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