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method to the madness.

if it can be worn, it will be purchased. we all shop whether it’s for an event, boredom, fill up our closets, shop to say we’ve been shopping or to cure a bad day. we’re all guilty…as charged. some of us, of course, shop more than others, but how do you shop? do you pick up items in the front, as they tend to be the newest in the collection? do you browse and entire store looking for items that catch your eye, then grab items feverishly? do you pick out things in the newest magazine and go on the prowl to hunt them down? do you shop specific stores? and if so, if they don’t have anything worth purchasing, do you ditch the mall or walk around aimlessly until you find something?

as a self diagnosed shopaholic, i tend to make a mad dash to the back of the store, as that’s where the best deals are found: multiple mark-downs plus the chance of an additional percentage off, which always makes procuring new items a bit more enticing. the sale section can be a bit overwhelming, messy and sometimes brings upon an instant headache, but that’s where most gems *or almost free* items are located. the most important thing is being able to maximize your shopping budget. who cares if the items made its debut four weeks ago? the cool thing is being able to say you paid much less than the original price, or of course, bragging rights to say it was almost free.

so, what’s your method to the madness?



all black everything.

the holiday season has arrived, whether we like it or not, so it's time to get as festive as possible to attend the company shendig, along with bringing in the new year. we must consider that not everyone looks good in everything, but the options are infinite. black. a color that's always welcome and one of which we've paid more attention to based on jay-z's line of "all black everything." if there's a primary, secondary, tertiary hue to choose from we all opt for black, which seems to be the easiest color to pair with anything in one's wardrobe. black screams sexy, hide my growing body, sleek, dapper, rich and of course a elegance. but in the same breath black can mask the true essence of one's personality. the play it safers pick black to blend with the crowd vs. stepping up and standing out. blah blah blah. needless to say it's time for a change. if you opt for the black dress pair with a popping colored pump, such as red or electric blue. some may lack the drive to spend extra funds on a pump they may never wear again, yet too much money would be wasted on donating to goodwill, so add some fun accessories. and of course if you're a male in a black suit, pair with a colored shirt vs. the basic white with a tie that is equally boring.

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no more wire hangers!

we all recall faye dunaway's dramatic role in the movie 'mommy dearest'. the most eyebrow raising scene in the movie is when she went ballastic over wire hangers. i wont say i'm that bad, but i'm quite anal.

annoyed and tired of shuffling things in my closet, i decided it was time to make a change. i had, what seemed like a million, multi-hue plastic hangers from my much loved store: the container store. i always open the closet door with caution as i was never never sure if something would jump out and bite me OR if i stuck my hand inside would it come out looking the same. *sigh* i decided it was time for a change. i always seemed to be annoyed when it was time to search for something to wear and recently i remembered someone advising how much space could be saved with the super thin velvet hangers *also known as huggable hangers*. i checked around a few places, but i wasn't really willing to spend such a large sum on hangers, i mean i can't wear them, so why waste funds? i decided to go on a quest to find, cheaper of course. i think it's funny i found them while on vacation, i mean who really wastes time and luggage space on such things? when in doubt and in need to save a buck or two or five my dad always suggests BIG LOTS, so off i went to see if i could find my much desired hangers and voila!!! i found them: 10 hangers for $5, not a bad deal *in my opinion*. i must say i am more than impressed with how uniform my closet now looks with a lot more space. hmmm, i see a shopping trip in my near future, you know to fill the space that i somehow missed out on having o_O. oh and i must figure out what i can do with the million and one plastic hangers i have, perhaps recycle?

next project: figure out how to organize shoes stay tuned!!!

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the 80's…recycled.

i've been a fan of the 80's since... well forever. there's nothing like madonna, michael jackson, george michael, cyndi lauper, run dmc or the beastie boys blasting through the stereo.

i must admit in the last few months i'm finding 80's fashions to be a drag. why you might ask? that's the only time period in fashion that is recycled 99 times over. how many variations of leggings, shoulder pads, big messy hair, multi hued shoes can one take in a life time?

i will find it very hard to rid my life of leggings as i find them just as comfortable as sweat pants. how about the victorian era? the 70's revisited? the 40's? hey maybe even the '20's. there's always a victorian top here and there as well as flared pants/jeans, but it would be nice to see something recycled that's never been in full force as the 80's. *sigh* i just think it's time to move forward, isn't that what fashion is all about?

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what's hot for fall/winter 2009?

the hot items for fall/winter 2009 are cardigans, colored denim, boyfriend blazers, boyfriend jeans, grommets, spikes, leather cuffs, linked metal necklaces, over the knee boots, booties, pleats, shoulder pads, exposed zippers.the list could go on and on, but who really has time for such a thing? i was introduced to a site a few months ago and i must admit that i've spent way too much time playing *don't judge me* yet, i had fun creating cute fall look for shopping/hanging out with friends or that special guy. *excuse the price points, i just couldn't help myself*.


le sigh…

summer! summer! summer time! the time of the year i love most. people let any and everything they possibly can hang out. i'm not sure if it's due to my craze to update twitter, my love for people watching or the fact that a lot of thing, BAD THINGS, are starting to stand out. i've even taken the time to compile a list.

* boys/men rocking jeans, especially skinny jeans, who insist on letting their boxers show. dude it's not cool nor cute. it makes me *and i am sure a lot of other people* wonder when was the last time your body had an encounter with SOAP.

* fake handbags. never should one ever partake in such foolishness, plus it's ILLEGAL. if you cannot afford gucci or louis vuitton from an accredited vendor *saks, neimans, gucci/louis vuitton store then you shouldn't own it.

* bad extensions. there's nothing wrong with a little bit of extra hair, but it should blend with what you already have.

* colored hair. i love highlights and different hues, but hair is not meant to be platinum blonde or fire engine red. the stylist who thought this was 'creative' should lose his or her license...immediately!

*ashy heels: BARF! vaseline, baby oil gel, lotion and a pedicure are cures to this MESS! if you look like you've been kicking rocks or tap dancing in flour: put on some sneakers.

*jersey knit. sorry it's not made for everyone.

* bra straps should not be seen when wearing a racer back tanks. i'm not a big fan of bra straps showing at any time, but sometimes a slight peek isn't so bad.

* bra-LESS. if you are bigger than an A cup, put on a bra!!! i've seen DD/DDD and LARGER sans support and that's not all!!!

* shoes that are too big totally take away from an outfit AND makes you look uncomfortable. there are too many sites where you can possibly locate the same shoe or at least one that's CLOSE.

happy manic monday!

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dare to be different.

it's that time of the year where everyone hangs out more than any other time of the year: SUMMER TIME! ok that's irrelevant. i receive a plethora of emails inviting me to parties from college graduations, summer holiday and athletic events. ok there's definitely no need to whine about invitations to events. my gripe and complaint is that every girl in every picture looks the exact same: tight forever 21'ish dresses, stiletto's and long hair. i mean did i miss the long hair memo? i know not every girl in the world has hair down her back and if that's the case then i need to move to another planet *my hair is not quite a bob, yet it's not past my shoulder: what's that length called? smedium length?* surely there's nothing wrong with straight, short, curly, wavy or non-existent hair, but just because your friend is wearing a whole horse's tail doesn't mean you have to do the same.

while many moons ago it may have been ok to dress EXACTLY like the rest of the world. in this day and time there are too many styles, trends and the privilege to express one's personality through style than to have clones. remember when rihanna took the stage? she looked exactly like a clone of beyonce from the color of her hair to the sassy, yet sexy dresses. i assume some light bulb went off and she decided to chop her mane, add long bright hue nails and started to rock a more edgy look that suits her so called image. there is no greater trend than daring to be different should try as we all tend to become comfortable with the same ole, same ole.

i must say i am quite over it with the cheap dresses, shoes and even hair. trust it's not about changing your comfort zone to the point you look like a complete fool, but step out the box and try adding some color to your wardrobe, experiment with different hair styles all while trying to reflect yourself as who you are vs. what everyone else is doing.

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color collaboration…

paige denim and opi have come together to create fashionably delicious color combo's *bright pair* of jeans and nail polish. as i've stated 99 plus times i'm a major fan of opi polish and the different types of hues available. i assume someone at paige denim has the same sort of polish fetish. when you purchase a pair of COLORED paige denim jeans you get a bottle of the same opi polish to match: yippy! oh don't get too excited you can only pick one of FIVE colors. the fit of the jeans are paige denim's skyline ankle pegs and the mariposa short.

am i impressed? no, not really as i'm always on the prowl for denim AND polish, but when the bait is thrown some folks may bite. meaning some crazy person is going to think getting a bottle of opi polish is a "steal" when really they can go to one of many locations who sell opi for a fraction of the price *usually $8.50 to be exact*. as we know colored and distressed denim will be VERY popular this summer. so what color denim are you lusting over?

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my creation…

the weekend was quite rainy and gloomy, which forced my creative juices to flow. i've been itching to buy a pair of distressed denim, but i've been turned off by the price tag of $189 plus for a pair of jeans that looked like they were attacked by edward scissorhands. i must admit i was VERY tempted until one of my friends chewed me out and told me to do them myself *thankfully i took her advice*.

i must say this was an easy creation since the only things necessary are a pair of jeans and a razor blade. i think i got a little carried away, but it was FUN nonetheless.

happy manic monday!!!

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where to buy…dresses

yesterday, pb emailed me to ask where she could find cute dresses. these days everything seems to be european cut or slim fit, which isn't so nice to some of us who are well endowed in all of the right places.

if a dress vs pants is an option i always go for the dress as the only thing you need to worry about is accessories. the best places to find dresses *in my opinion* are bluefly, shopbop, saks fifth avenue and neiman marcus *they both have a lovely clearance racks*, banana republic, lord & taylor, nordstrom and if you are a local washingtonian urban chic.

i'm definitely a fan of looking great, wearing name brands minus spending half of the rent to keep up with the trends. i cannot think of any grand excuse for paying excessive prices while retail stores are practically giving things away along with additional discounts for various occasions. i must recommend before venturing out knowing the occasion would help the process of elimination go a little smoother. if you are looking for something flirty and fun i wouldn't recommend banana republic as they tend to be more conservative. also think about what accessories you have, which could also save time and money to shop for other things of course ;o)

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