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Big City Sneaker


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cassie ventura for carol’s daughter. the outtakes.



cutoffs + heels: christina milian.



oversized + boots: vanessa hudgens.




wish list. 2010.

the holiday season is here… again! sadly, nothing has changed: i still dread every Christmas carol, piece of wrapping paper and holiday shopper. i cringe when someone asks who i am shopping for and what i want.  i really could careless about the circus Christmas creates. but hey here’s my wish-list, you know, since everyone is doing it:

  • uninterrupted lazy sunday’s EVERY sunday.
  • people would dress for the body they have, not the one they want.
  • girls would buy shoes that actually fit, that extra space in the back is tacky and makes you appear desperate…for more than just that shoe.
  • nicki minaj would be exiled until she promises to stop with these silly rhymes and crazy voices.
  • rick ross would stop rapping about a life he didn’t really live.
  • true hip hop would come back.
  • blonde hair would become extinct…on black girls. *my wish EVERY year*
  • death to reality tv
  • death to assumptions and pride
  • people would seek their own identity
  • gossip blogs would find some new celebrities to stalk OR at least find different topics to discuss. same topic + different point of view = boring
  • the paparazzi would understand BOUNDARIES.
  • people would stop telling ALL of their business on social networking sites. that’s what friends are for!
  • the word hater would become illegal and one would be jailed for saying it.
  • witnessing a nose grow like pinocchio’s when someone tells a lie.
  • common sense was a bit more common.
  • people would say what they mean and mean what they say.

what's on your wish list?!


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converse. clean crafted.

converse (chuck taylors). clean crafted line. all leather with rand laces. limited quantity. click here to purchase.


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i know. i know i've been on an extreme hiatus from fashionable upates, but SB has been busy: here, there and everywhere. i promise my bloggerific duties will resume on monday june 8, 2009. have a fantastic week! XOXO
sapphire blu
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as an activist for peta *people for the ethical treatment of animals* i thought i'd do my duty to blog about it... oh and i'm advocate as i don't eat meat nor do i wear fur and don't judge me for having leather handbags and wearing leather shoes *wearing faux leather shoes, well that's just not ethical*...

peta is an animal rights organization, which was founded in norfolk, virginia in 1980. there are affiliate offices in germany, italy *the mecca of fashion*, spain and s. africa. there are also mini-organizations for high school students and college age activist. the four core issues that are the primary focus for peta are: factory farming, fur farming, animal testing and animals in entertainment *aka the circus*. the study of "silver spring" monkey's was the driving force to being such a well known organization. basically the "silver spring" monkey's were being tortured *that's my summary to avoid seeing what someone had for breakfast*. who knew there was an amendment called the animal welfare act of 1985? ummm, i didn't either but this was the first case of animal cruelty brought before the us supreme court. this act ensured that researchers didn't cause unnecessary harm to animals during laboratory testing. there are several celebrity supporters such as pink, pamela anderson *does she really count since she has done such cruelty to her body?* and sarah jessica parker. peta has been known to throw blood on those who wear fur *i wonder how many people have gotten their arse kicked for such a thing*. we all know the name anna wintour, *think the devil wears prada and real life editor of vogue magazine aka cruella deville* peta was nice enough to throw a dead raccoon on her table as she dined at the four seasons. oh and they also left a nasty-gram on her porch written in blood, which happens to be only a few of the things peta did to piss her off  *what goes around comes around i suppose?*.

naomi campbell, christy turlington and most recent khloe kardashian have posed nude under the slogan "id rather go naked than wear fur." i am sure there are a lot of things people would rather go naked for, but that's a different topic for another day. why such a blah post i'm sure you are wondering? well for starters i'm forced to attend an equally drab training class this week *kicks, punches and screams really loud*. i'm really a part time activist since i don't wear fur, i hate the circus *the animal tricks and the smell* and the only meat i allow myself to eat is fish, though they think that's cruelty but i refuse to live without my seafood: sorry peta.

for additional information on peta click here.

anyblu, i'll be posting at some point during the day or night ;o)

happy manic monday!!! 
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it's a new year!

i still feel like i JUST said happy new year and it was 2008, but that's over and done...ugh i can't believe it's already 2009 and i'm sure it will be filled with a million surprises *i hate surprises in my smurf voice*

i laugh at all the of the new year's resolutions that i'm hearing...everyone is EAGER to join the gym or continue to claim they will FINALLY use the gym membership they are committed to until 2020. if you haven't used it by now i'm not sure i really believe that will happen *who am i to judge?* i've compiled a list of REALISTIC resolutions to be considered:

  1. throw away all too small clothes: if you haven't been a size 6 in 365 days chances are those days are LONG gone
  2. stop wearing baby tshirts when you have your own inner tube in the mid-section
  3. bad hair extensions *aka weaves* this will always be a fashion faux pas. if you choose to let your "friend" do your hair at least use top of the line hair
  4. realizing and admitting the skinny jean is NOT for everyone
  5. circus face (excessive make-up) if you aren't working at the MAC counter give it a rest in 2009 and beyond
  6. throw away too small undergarments: you shouldn't be stuffing and digging all day long *that's just not sexy*
  7. lip gloss/chapstick/vaseline is your friend, especially in the winter months *ashy lips NEVER complimented any face*
  8. cash and carry: rid yourself of that headache of unnecessary debt
  9. rid yourself of all of the fake handbags. "fake it til you make," was only a line in a movie or two or five, which means if it's not real then don't bother: we see you
  10. *put your own resolution here*

seriously, the new year really is about living better than you did last year, the year before that and so forth. think of realistic things to do and make it happen...

have a fabulous monday!!!

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happy new year!

happy new year!!! i'm looking forward to another fabulous year, especially in fashion and with all these sales and double discounts there's no reason why one shouldn't look like they just stepped off the runway vs a train wreck * saw a lot of that today at the mall: train wreck*

the holidays were hectic as usual and i'm BEYOND happy they are over *as i am EVERY year, such a grinch/scrooge/grump*. i know i've slacked with my postings, but i've been on a much needed and well deserved vacation: 11 straight days of sleeping late and doing NOTHING.

sapphire blu and all the fashion tid bits shall resume monday january 5th when i' forced to return to reality *kicks, punches in the air and a slight tear*

until then stay fashionable.... and sober!!!


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